XL Bolt-On OPC Server (Version 
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Communicate Using OPC Clients
  • Move data automatically between your Vorne
    XL Productivity Appliance and your PLC's.
  • Bridge your MES to the Vorne XL Productivity Appliance for data interaction.
  • Automatically page when production stops or
    attention is needed on a production line.
  • Combine and totalize information from several
    lines or areas to one display.
The XL Bolt-On OPC Server! This OPC Server handles all
communication with the Vorne XL Series Productivity Appliances, so that you can read and write data values using your favorite OPC client tools for bridging, paging, visualization, etc. Communicate Using OPC Clients image

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple configuration - Supply IP address and device name
  • All available data items pre-defined – no more “building tags”
  • Supports multiple XL Devices – one or many on a network
  • Simulation Mode – configure and test without device present
  • Built-in tag explorer – no more guessing at tag syntax or typos
  • Communication Statistics – troubleshoot communication
  • Simple Licensing – file key
  • Free Demo Runtime!
  • FAST!


  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or newer
  • Supported XL Firmware:
    XL or higher