XL Bolt-On Data Collector (Version 
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Collect and Aggregate
Data Automatically
  • Automatically export data from multiple XL devices.
  • Aggregate this data for asset-to-asset comparison.
  • Generate reports with data from multiple assets.
  • Automatically log data from Vorne XL devices to a database.
The XL Bolt-On Data Collector! This application handles all communication with the Vorne XL Series Productivity Appliances and periodically harvests the data that is buffered inside each device. As a MS Windows service, the XL Bolt-On Data Collector works in the background, identifies any new data on each device, and copies that data into your own database for archival and reporting.


Vorne XL products allow users to access the data in each device. This requires a software tool to query the device using the HTTP Post command as outlined in the developer’s manual.

The XL Bolt-On Data Collector completely automates this task, automatically reading data from Vorne appliances and storing it in a database. This eliminates the need for custom programming, allowing you to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple configuration - Supply IP address, device name, device database key, ODBC Connection and Data Capture Frequency.
  • Supports multiple XL devices – one or many on a network.
  • Merges data from multiple devices into single database using device key for record identification.
  • Can override default database to route individual device data to different databases on a per-device and per-table basis.
  • Automatically lists enumerations with corresponding strings to preserve original meaning in case of future changes.
  • Saves collection time/date along with device record time/date.
  • Automatically converts Vorne device date/time format to data base date/time format.
  • Reflects real-time information from devices into tables so that common database tools can be used for monitoring current data. Simple Licensing – file key.
  • Free Demo Runtime!
  • FAST and EASY!


  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or newer
  • Supported Database Servers:
    MS SQL 2012 or newer
  • Supported XL Firmware:
    XL or higher