XL Bolt-On Configuration Studio

Download XL Bolt-On Configuration Studio

To download a DEMO version of the XL Bolt-On Configuration Studio, please fill out the following information below.

It is important that you supply an accurate email address because we email you a link and instructions to download the server should you need to come back and download the file again later.
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This DEMO version is limited to a 2 Hour runtime connected to up to three (3) Vorne XL Productivity Appliances with functionality limited to backup, identify, live-status, extract and visualize jobs. For a fully functional version that has no time restrictions, please contact Sulzer Consulting, LLC
Thank you, your download link will be sent to . Please allow a couple minutes for delivery. If you do not receive the email please check your spam quarantine or consider adding to your spam filtering exceptions list. After adding our email address to your exceptions list it will be necessary to resubmit your request for a demo. You can start over by clicking here. If you still do not receive an E-mail, simply E-mail your request to and we will send you your link.